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More and more computers are infected with unwanted software. While it seems that computers are actually showing less odd behaviour (such as programs opening on their own, trying to make people gamble away their money), estimates are that about 4 out of 10 computers in Germany are now (involuntarily) parts of so-called botnets, making them remote-controlled attackers in the internet.


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Das Noerdman Comicbuch
Sämtliche Comics der letzten 5 Jahre: ein Rückblick sowie ein Ausblick
Authors: Rolf Drechsler & Jannis Stoppe


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Idea and Text:
Prof. Rolf Drechsler

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A web comic from the North, for technology freaks and geeks - and for those who desperately want to learn how to understand them. Since 2018, Noerdman, the Nordic geek, has been presenting a new comic each Monday. Teaching Technical Computer Science at the University of Bremen, we here illustrate some of the contents with dry Nordic humor and a good dash of self-irony. All those who love (or hate) computers: You are at the right place!